Shoot Token Distribution & Sales information

$SHOOT Token

$SHOOT is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano Network.

$SHOOT has a total supply of 380 million, with $SHOOT, you will be granted the ability to interact with our platform on the Cardano network, staking, providing liquidity.

Token Type : Cardano Native Token

Token Name : SHOOT

Token Ticker : $SHOOT

Total Supply : 380,000,000 $SHOOT Tokens

Seed Sale Starts : 14th March 2022

Seed Sale Ends : 14th April 2022

Seed Sale price: 1ADA= 570 $SHOOT

Private Sale starts: April 20th 2022

Private Sale Ends: April 20th 2022

ISPO Launch: TBA


Total Token Supply : 380,000,000

Tokens Allocated for Seed Sale: 76,000,000

Tokens Allocated for private Sale : 57,000,000

Seed Sale 20%
Private Sale 15%
Team 20%
Staking / Yield Farming & Governance 20%
Locked Ecosystem Reserve 5%
Marketing 5%
Liquidity 7%